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Linda Apple

Linda Apple

Columbus, Oh


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Technical and personal aspects of her work have merged to produce images of beauty, peacefulness and humor of daily life. Her works touch the heart of the viewer, leading them into a Journey of the Spirit.
"I love to capture the little moments in our everyday lives."

Growing up in the Appalachian hills of Southern Ohio, Apple was awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design, the first step into her life-long journey as a professional artist. Always seeking new ideas and experiences led Apple to France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A. southwest. Over the past 40 years her work has gained international recognition with exhibits in Mexico,Canada, and numerous galleries throughout the U.S.A., while finding its way into many prominent collections; including Proctor & Gamble.

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Academia de Roma, Rome, Italy
Ventura College, Ventura, California
Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio

2004-6 - Blue Door Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2003 - Gentle Winds, Columbus, Ohio
2000 - Rocks Unlimited, Columbus, Ohio
1997 - American Primitive Gallery, New York, N.Y.
1992 - Omega Center, Toronto Ontario, Canada
1989 - Columbus Museum of Art, Collectors Gallery,
Columbus, Ohio
1984 - Arne Hanson Gallery, Aspen, Colorado
1983 - Robiard Gallery, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1982 - Poor Richards, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1981 - Galleria Uno, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1980 - Galleria La Mire, New Orleans, Louisiana
1977 - WomanArt Gallery, New York, N.Y.
1975-80 - Apple Studio/Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
1973 - Keny and Johnson Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
1971 - Gallery 200, Columbus, Ohio
1970 - Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio
1968 -Gallery Ganymede, Columbus, Ohio


Bowling by Linda Apple


Honey Bear - vintage toys by Linda Apple


Ohio Farmland- Red Barn by Linda Apple


Daily Errands by Linda Apple


Little Angel by Linda Apple


The Big Trip by Linda Apple


Bodhi and Lily pet portrait by Linda Apple


A Cherry On Top by Linda Apple


Tillie - vintage bear painting by Linda Apple


Coca Cola Park by Linda Apple


What's Going on? by Linda Apple


Retired by Linda Apple


Joyland by Linda Apple


Bowl of Cherries by Linda Apple


Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds by Linda Apple


Standing Tall by Linda Apple


Tweets -narrative painting by Linda Apple


Rock, Paper, Scissors by Linda Apple


The Raven Spirit by Linda Apple


Barry Boxer by Linda Apple


Light Load - narrative painting by Linda Apple


Light Snacks original whimsical still life by Linda Apple


Bagels and Locks by Linda Apple


Walking On Eggshells imaginative realistic painting by Linda Apple


TOUCAN Play at this Game by Linda Apple


Romantic Pear by Linda Apple


Wit's End - Winter Nightime Forest by Linda Apple


A Well-Balanced Diet by Linda Apple


Box of Crayons and Child's Drawing realistic still life painting by Linda Apple


Anyfin Is Possible - Fisherman toy boat and Mermaid still life painting by Linda Apple


Mushroom People - collage by Linda Apple


Country Sky - painting by Linda Apple


Water is Life #3 -Blue Jays on water pump painting by Linda Apple


Hummingbird Memories by Linda Apple


Water is Life - realistic painting by Linda Apple


Cute Blue-Tit realistic bird portrait on antique watering can by Linda Apple


What's In The Bag original painting by Linda Apple


On Vacation -butterfly angel painting by Linda Apple


Box of Crayons painting by Linda Apple


Shy Bunny - original painting by Linda Apple


City Newsstand - people on the street painting by Linda Apple


Woman at Art Museum figurative painting by Linda Apple


Chocolate Donut and Sprinkles large painting by Linda Apple


Rooftops by Linda Apple


Summer Garden BUMBLEBEE and Flowers nature painting by Linda Apple


Baby Zebra by Linda Apple


Time to Sew - colorful threads by Linda Apple


Butterflies Like Ice Cream Too by Linda Apple